Friday, April 23, 2010

Sharing an Apple

We all know 50L Fridays are everyones favorites. I made my way through most of the kids list, but then noticed my money running out. I looked outside and noticed it was a beautiful day.

Since I just got back from shopping, I decided to put on one of my new outfits and go for a walk. The striped top, cute shorts underneath, bracelets, and matching sandals is a cute outfit for anything.

I grab an apple and head out into the woods. After awhile the sky was starting to change color and the richness of reds were reflecting on the water. Then I heard something... a deer! O.o I grabbed my apple and walked slowly closer to him. Showing my apple was a gift for him. Reaching my arms out further, I got right up to the buck, who I decided to name Ramsay. We starred at each other for awhile but then I gave him my big smile and well that melts everyones heart. :) Ramsay sniffed the apple and took it from my hands and began to eat it. I didn't want to disturb Ramsay any longer, so I stepped away and started to head back home before it got too late.

Wow what a day! I hope to return to Ramsay again and show my friends. I'll make sure to bring a couple apples next time for him, in case he has a girlfriend.

Happy 50L Friday - Enjoy your weekend - My Blog Time Off! See you Monday!!!

Outfit: Inner Peace: Bells - 50L Friday Special
Hair: Truth
Holding Apple: Boof

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