Sunday, April 18, 2010

Argh!!! Your Booty Shivers Me Timber!!!

Wow what a fun place I found. I got to be a pirate! ARGH!

I found a great family place, where its just an awesome atmosphere! The sim has a pretty look to the background. Its surrounded with mountains and a lake all around.

What this place provides is:

◀ Mini Golf
◀ Balloon Rides
◀ Arcade
◀ Pirate Ship - rotates 360!

The pirate ship was my favorite. It reminds me of those fun carnival rides! Plus, I got to dress up as a pirate! Arrrrgghh!!!

✔ Location: Lil's Mini Golf, Arcade & Aquatic Park
✔ Pirate Sword, Newspaper Hat, & Eye Patch: Boof
✔ Pirate Sword Pose: Mojo Skytower

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