Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blast From The Past: Christmas Tree

It's just a fun blog day. You get to see my life before I started this. This is to show you, that I've always been a little mischief monkey!

Back in December, I had parents who thought that putting a sign up saying... "No Lowi or Corey 10 yards from the gifts (Santa's Watching)" would keep me away. Did I listen? ... NO WAY!!!

All the sign did for me, was to make sure I did a little extra than just go 10 yards from it! Penny was suppose to be guarding it too. But I got Penny peeing the floor next to my beagle avatar became a blackmail picture if she told.

As you can see, I did a lots of different naughty things. Like kicking the sign over, shaking a present, praying so I can get on the good list somehow, sneaking under the tree, building a ladder to climb to the top, and even being the angel that I am. See proof... I am an angel... O.o Did I fool anyone???

Well enjoy the "Blast From the Past" day! Sorry for being a bit late on this.

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