Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ruffus: The Cutest Bunny EVER!!!

This has nothing to do with SL, but I just have to share this picture with everyone. OMG!!! He's sooo cute! I was showing my friend on yahoo, and they just fell in LOVE with him.

Its been established that his name is Ruffus.

My friend talking about Ruffus:
(keeps annoyamous for own protection HAHA!)

➩ I wanna squish him and loves him
➩ Sings... you are my ruffus oh my lil ruffus and yous are soo cuttuss
➩ You are my ruffus, my sweet lil ruffus, you make me happy whens skies are grey
➩ He brings sunshine to my life
➩ He is my ruffus, my lil ruuufffus

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